"An incredible Latin Power Show full of Juggling Acts"

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Darwin Pimentel initiated his artistic career attending a course of technique of numerology with Sean Gandini. In the next years continued his juggling studies focusing mainly on juggling technique and juggling in combination with music.


His interest in dancing led him to took part in some dance workshop, concentrating on dancing movements and specializing in Tutting and Waving.


A contact juggling workshop had a strong effect on his further artistic career and inspired him professionally as well as personally.


That was the beginning of an amazing journey that transformed himself. With the study of juggling, dance and music he learnt most of the skills that he uses today.


Darwin has been performing and creating stage and street acts in over of 20 countries for the last 10 years, combining, like single artist, his practices of contact-juggling with dancing moves and topics of circus.


He started working for different circus company, like Cirque Starlight, in Switzerland, and Zircus India, in Germany.


He worked as a teacher at the circus-school Toamême in Fribourg, Switzerland, specializing in juggling course and creation of performace.


Darwin Pimentel has performed around the world in many Festivals, Varietè and Gala Shows, adapting his show to the culture where it was seen.


Apart from his solo performance, he has been collaborating with dancers, musicians and visual artists.



An incredible Latin Power Show full of juggling acts, contact-juggling, dance elements, numbers of unicycle and fire driven by pulsating salsa rhythms, where explosion and mysticism are perfectly combined. All this is mixed with technique, humor and improvisation, that will impact all viewers.

Darwin always tries to charm everyone, searching a constant interaction with the audience and trying to put a smile in everyone.

The audience will be accompanied in an experience full of energy and fun. Attention…someone will become the star of the show!



Scenic Space: 6x6m

Duration: 45 minutes

Area: Flat and smooth

A man symbol of memories, based on the art of contact juggling and crystal balls. Invites us to think on the importance and the possibility to save and always give new shape and space to own history. Memories that give us the opportunity to create continuity with the present, researching harmony and and completeness, in the incredible journey of life.



Scenic Space: 6x6 m

Height: 4 m

Duration: 7-11 minutes





TOUR 2018

17 March  Delemont   CH


31 March- 1-2 April   Lugano   CH


13-15 April    Luzern   CH


20-22 April      Basel   CH


27-29 April     Biel   CH


4-5 May      Bern   CH


6 May     Rottenburg a.N.  DE


11-13 May     Baden   CH


19-21 May      Olten   CH


1-3 June       Lausanne   CH


9-10 June       St.Gallen   CH


16-22 June       Kiel   DE


23-24 June     Schortens   DE


29 July           Haslach    DE


3 August       Ameland    NL


25-26 Luzern “KinderKultur festival” CH


7-9 September  Goeppingen  DE


More date coming soon.!






5-6 May Street Food Festival Biel  CH


7 May Private Event  Basel   CH


13 May Jubilaumfest Danske  Basel  CH


19-21 May Street Food Festival  Bern CH


26-28 May Multikultifestival  Rheinfelden CH


3-4 June Street Food Festival  Olten  CH


10-11 June Street Food Festival  St.Gallen  CH


19-23 June  Kiel Artist   Kiel  DE


30 June Kulturfest  Aesch  CH


2 July Birmifäscht  Birmenstorf  CH


22 July Gauklerfestival Adelbodner  CH


29 July Theater Fest Isny  DE


12-13 August Klagenfurter  Altstadtzauber  AT


18-20 August Lenzburger Gauklerfestival  CH


1-3 September  Festival Int Friuli Venezia Giulia  IT


15-22 September Incheon Clown Mime Fest   KR


24 September  St.Ursenchilbi Festival  CH


29 September Street Food Festival Thun  CH




Kulttraum Suhl, Germany


Theater Spektakel, Switzerland


Strassenmusiksonntag Braunlingen, Germany


Kleinkunst Weesen, Switzerland


Una Fest Bern, Switzerland


Flaniermeile Velden, Austria


Kulturufer, Germany


Interlaken 125 Jahre Jubilaum, Switzerland


Lindauer Hefenspektakel, Germany


Tilia-Art, Germany


Rheinfelden Festival, Switzerland


Kiel Artists, Germany


Padova Street Show, Italy


Buskers Chur, Switzerland




Notte Bianca Locarno, Switzerland


Eco Festival, Switzerland


Karfunkel Karnaval, Switzerland


Multikulti, Switzerland


Dubai Marina Street Festival, EA


Private Event Biel, Switzerland


Private Event Geneva, Switzerland


Festival Internacional Ozomatli, Mexico


Le Fiere del Teatro Sarmede, Italy


Ludi Pompeiani, Italy


Hemelse Spektakels, Belgium


Borgo da Favola, Italy


Hardeggerfest, Switzerland


Theatertage Aarau, Switzerland


Festa nei vicoli dell’Antico Casale, Italy


Callejearte, Spain


Mojoca Festival, Italy


Straattheater Meppel, Holland


Strassenfestival Haslach, Germany


Blumberg StreetArt Fest, Germany


Diplomfeier Thun, Switzerland


Pinneberger Festival, Germany


Streetlife Munich, Germany


Montaione torna al passato, Italy


Non solo pezzi di legno, Italy


Buskers Festival St.Gallen, Switzerland


Spoleto a Colori, Italy


Milano Clown Festival, Italy




The Mighty Variety, Switzerland


La luna nel Pozzo, Italy


Blumberg Street Art Fest, Germany


Spalenacht FestBasel, Switzerland


Castellaro BuskersFest, Italy


Private Event Florence, Italy


Portopiccolo Sistiana, Italy


Porto Marina Festival Egypt


Feldkircher Gauklerfestival, Austria


Flaniermeile Velden, Austria


Theatertage Aarau, Switzerland


Busker Fest, Macedonia


Gauklerfest Rottenburg, Germany


Kinderfest Basel, Switzerland


Mojoca Festival, Italy




Genting International Buskers, Malysia


Fricando Buskers Festival, Italy


Staranzano Buskers Festival, Italy


Buskers Festival Gradisca di’Isonzo, Italy


Buskers Festival Udine, Italy


Private Event Berm, Switzerland


Santa Sofia Buskers Festival, Italy


Private Event Benevento, Italy


Le notti della girandola, Italy


Theater Spektakel, Switzerland


Come di’Incanto, Italy


Kulturufer, Germany


Mercantia, Italy


Flaniermeile Velden, Austria


NTUC Income Kite Festival, Singapore




Sibenik Busker Festival, Croatia


Gala Festival delle arti distratte, Italy


Berlin Lacht, Germany


Nuevo Sol Festival, Germany


Festival Vevey, Switzerland


Just for Joy, Italy


MAST Malpensa Street Festival, Italy


Festival Ornitorrinco, Venezuela


Gala Juggling Convention, Switzerland


Gala Israel Juggling Convention, Israel


Varietè Zip Couplet, Germany


Flaniermeile Velden, Austria


Gala European Juggling Convention, Germany




La Plage dex Six Pompes, Switzerland


Altergrawtacja, Poland


Gala Juggling Convention, Switzerland




Gala Indian Juggling Convention, India


Festival Vevey, Switzerland


Other experience


India Zircus, Germany 2010


Circus Starlight, Switzerland 2011


Cirque Toamême, Switzerland 2011-2013

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"An incredible Latin Power Show full of Juggling Acts"
"An incredible Latin Power Show full of Juggling Acts"